Ihana Herbal Remedies was born in 2018 to offer a natural, chemical-free alternative in using cosmetics.
In the first year we participated in some festivals to spread the products and gain more experience.
Through personal interactions we got to understand that more and more people are looking for plant based remedies to restore their physical and emotional well-being. And looking for something else; the way back to the knowledge of self-healing through the interaction with nature.

So the project grew in order to satisfy these needs and to take part in the mission of promoting the culture of natural self-care.
You can find the results on this website. All the products are to serve these purposes and to bring more health, love and light into our lives.
They are made of plants and are of two types: herbal- and aromatherapy remedies.

We are always learning and it would be nice to hear from you, let’s keep the conversation ongoing – say hi and share your thoughts with us.