🌿 14th March 2022; Ghent (Belgium) 17:30-19:30 🌿
🌿 22nd March 2022; Antwerp (Belgium) 17:30-19:30 🌿

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There are many ways to give a good massage…the best one though, is to give it with love.
And a massage candle with lovely essential oils inside carries that frequency.

This is an invitation for you to join this workshop and prepare a unique aromatherapy massage candle for yourself or for someone you love.

You can have the question – What is an aromatherapy massage candle?
Fair enough, let us explain.

A massage candle is a jarful of joy with a wick in the middle.
The mixture of the base ingredients (the candle itself) is solid at room temperature and becomes liquid once warmed up. That is your moment to pour it in your palms or straight on the skin and use it the same way a massage oil is used.
As all the ingredients are natural it is safe (and oh so good!) to apply on the skin.

Voila, a candle which is an oil and an oil which is a candle. Magic!

An aromatherapy massage candle has the same foundations as a normal massage candle but essential oils are added for different therapeutic purposes – that is exactly how you are going to prepare yours on this workshop.
We will bring many different essential oils and blends so you can smell them, try them and create a truly unique massage candle with them:

🌿 5 elements 🌿calming 🌿refreshing 🌿 hot&spicy 🌿 nurturing 🌿sensual 🌿 citrusy 🌿 flowery 🌿 muscle-saviour 🌿 skin hero 🌿…The possibilities are endless – and the choice is yours.

The duration of the workshop is cc. 2 hours and the cost is 22 euros.

Your time and money includes:
🌿 introduction to the ingredients & to the process
🌿 a glance into aromatherapy, essential oils to try, smell and use in your candle
🌿 all the ingredients, packaging and DIY label for a massage candle that you are going to prepare and take home with you
🌿 step by step guidance through the whole creation
🌿 all the written information sent to you by mail after the workshop
🌿 possibility ot get your favorite products of Ihana Herbal Remedies on the spot.

Reserve your spot ahead – drop us a mail to
… and feel free to invite your friends and family.

See you soon!

(If another date or location works better for you let us know and we will try to make it happen with you as well.)