🌿 15th March 2022; Ghent (Belgium) 17:30 – 19:30 🌿
🌿 22nd March 2022; Antwerp (Belgium) 17:30-19:30 🌿

This workshop is offered with love for you and for all who have ever used a balm / cream and has a spark of curiosity to learn how to prepare one and about the gifts of the herbs that surround us.

This workshop is dedicated to spreading the word about the importance, power and surprising simplicity of natural, everyday self-care and to provide you with practical tools that you can use in your daily lives.

Serious as it sounds, if you choose to join in, be prepared for an easygoing and fun event where we will
🌿 first speak herbs & essential oils & natural ingredients,
🌿 the difference between balms and creams and their qualities,
🌿 then together we will make a soothing herbal balm.

We will be prepared
🌿with herbs & essential oils & natural ingredients,
🌿recipe variations
and, of course,
🌿for sharing all knowledge and sources with you we gathered throughout the years.

The duration of the workshop is cc. 2 hours and the cost is 22 euros.

Your time and money includes:
🌿 information about herbs, essential oils and natural skin- & body care ingredients
🌿 samples of herbs, essential oils and all the material we will be using so you can get to know them with all your senses (and use them in your balm).
🌿 recipe variations for balms / creams for various purposes.
🌿 all the ingredients, packaging and DIY label for a 33g balm that you are going to prepare and take home with you.
🌿 step by step guidance through the whole creation
🌿 all the written information sent to you by mail after the workshop
🌿 possibility to get your favorite products of Ihana Herbal Remedies on the spot

Reserve your spot ahead – drop us a mail to
… and feel free to invite your friends and family.

See you soon!

(If another date or location works better for you let us know and we will try to make it happen with you as well.)