DIY winter gift – with recipe of Herbal Healing Balm

Winter is coming so does the Winter Solstice and Christmas. Hurray!

It is that time of the year when we get into preparations both for the cold weather and for the holiday celebration which often includes gift making.
We believe best gifts are hand made and unique. Why not preparing your own cream this year?

We would like to support creating the nicest “survive & thrive” winter stock and gifts for you and your loved ones.
For this we share with you the recipe of one of our most popular balms (hand in hand with the CBD muscles & joints cream) – the HERBAL HEALING BALM.


Big part of our mission is creating an open source of information related to herbal remedies and natural self-care. It includes books, movies / documentaries and definitely our best recipes as well.

Our main goal is for us all to live a healthy and simple life and we deeply believe that knowledge, wisdom and abilities are there to share.

Our deepest wish for people is to feel, connect and be able to take care of themselves and the people around them.

Ihana Herbal Remedies is all about sharing, spreading and co-creating.

We will keep sharing our experience and knowledge so you can start producing your own products.

Another important part is spreading the light in the form of our products for those who prefer to put their creative energies into something different than remedy making.

Getting those products from us supports us and makes it possible to keep our focus on this work we are doing.

We are grateful for you for supporting us and spreading the light together in one way or another!

That said, let´s begin.


As we are transiting into winter the air is becoming cold and dry and so does our skin.

It is good to have a balm at hand that protects the skin from drying out & cracking, nourishes and smells lovely, and the Herbal Healing Balm does exactly that.

Actually a lot more than that. It also helps healing minor wounds, cuts, burns, bug bites, relieves itching and eases symptoms of eczema and mild psoriasis – it is definitely a treasure to have at hand.

The Herbal Healing Balm is not just made of only natural ingredients but as the name suggests plants are playing a main role in this story.

Plantain (plantago major & plantago lanceolata) and chickweed leaves (stellaria media) are cool and moistening and that is why they know so well how to deal with dry and cracked skin, wounds, burns and easing itchiness.

They both are wonder “weeds” growing all around the globe and they love growing invasive in bare or disturbed soil making us easy to find them wherever we are.

There is a good deal of lavender essential oil too in our formula which we chose to add for its anti-inflammatory and soothing effects lessening irritation.

Tip 1: 
When it comes to creating your own herbal remedy, as always it is best to gather the plant material by your own hands, sending gratitude and prayers when picking and placing intentions for the remedy you are about to prepare.
If you have not these herbs around you no worries, just find a good supplier of medicinal herbs and start the communication with the plants when unpacking them.

If you would like to create a balm that is focusing more on eczema, introduce calendula petals (calendula officinalis) in your formula, and if it is healing wound / cracked skin that is in your interest then both calendula and comfrey (symphytum officinale, both roots and leaves are good) are your allies in the story!

Psoriasis is a skin condition which requires moistening therefore in anything more serious then very mild psoriasis we suggest that you make/purchase a natural, calendula (and possibly CBD) based moistener instead of a balm, meaning it has water emulsified in the formula.


Go ahead dear friends, get creative and prepare a badass cream and/or look around in the shop.

If you would like to get started but some of the ingredients are not at hand, no worries: drop us a mail, tell us what you are missing and we will send it to you, let it be infused oil, essential oils, jars etc. 

Also we would love to know how it went with the cream-making: send us a mail, forward a picture or two, give us a shout, lets get the conversation begin!