“Sacred Feminine” Breast & Belly massage oil

I would love if every women massaged their breasts every day!!!

Massaging my breasts and belly daily supports me tremendously in connecting to my higher self and inner wisdom and gives me a stable & conscious knowing of the presence of this wisdom.
Every day.
And it is transforming my life – my relationship with myself to a more mature, loving, intimate and joyful one. Naturally, it is reflected in my relations with others and in many other aspects of life.

The “Sacred Feminine” Breast & Belly massage oil” came to life to be with women in self-acceptance, nurture and growth. To inhabit your body and find joy within. To inhabit and enjoy your life in ways you dreamed of.

Giving a caring touch daily to your breasts – which is a gate of love – carries great healing and empowering power within.
Self-acceptance is crucial in connecting to self as whole.
Self-acceptance and forgiveness are foundation stones of self-love, and self-love is a space of creativity. Creativity is an aspect of the feminine, isn’t it beautiful to reach it through your breasts?

This massage oil has a blend of essential oils with the purpose of ‘Self-love’ (ylang-ylang), ‘Forgiveness’ (palmrose), ‘Nurture’ (may chang) and ‘Balance, Align and Clear’ (vetiver).