St John’s Wort tincture and oil recipe

24th of June is St John’s day which makes it an excellent reason to go out and pick St John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) flowers.
This lovely wild medicinal plant is famous for its antidepressant and painkilling properties.
Make some tinctures or macerated oil and save it for the dark winter days.

For tincture:
25 grams of fresh flowers
200ml spirit (vodka, snaps, aguardenteā€¦)
100ml water
Place the petals (and your best intentions) in a jar and gently pour the water and alcohol on top.
Close it and let it for 2 weeks – gently shake it every few days.
Strain it after 2 weeks, bottle and label and use when needed (depression, shingles cold sore, herpes, pain)

For macerated oil:
Half cup fresh flowers
1 cup (250ml) olive oil
Place the flowers in the jar, mash it a bit to open up the surface of the petals then pour the oil on it.
Place it on a sunny place for 4 weeks – in a few days it will turn red.
Strain it afterwards an use it as it is or prepare cream with it.

In general, you can use these recipes with the same guidelines and ratios with other herbs also.