Vibration & aligning the 3 aspects of self

There are three aspects of the self and they have to be aligned in order to be a proper being in balance, to be a channel of our higher self.

MATERIAL aspect – Body
ENERGETICAL aspect – Emotions
MENTAL aspect – Thoughts

Vibration creates and holds everything and it can be either low or high. (vibration= “waves of Mind”)
The different aspects of vibration creates energy, and this energy is what we call emotion, because it is in movement. You see the connection between vibration and eMOTION?
This energy goes through positive and negative, creating balance, movement and expansion of the Universe. Through all this expansion, contraction, positive & negative the atomic reality starts to be created (electrons, neutrons, protons).
What does it mean?
It means that through vibration -and energy- Universe starts to create Matter.
The material (matter), energetical (soul) and mental aspect (spirit) exists in everything.
For humans it is body, emotions and thoughts.
The Universe to be aligned and be able to connect and create needs to be in flow with vibration, energy and matter.
Everything needs to be in coherence.
If matter is not coherent, it cannot feel the energy around.
If energy is not coherent it cannot feel the flow of the vibration.
Being ruled by our thoughts, bonded to survival, sex, fear divides these 3 aspects of self therefore there is no flow meaning we cut ourselves from the Source.
Covering of emotions does the same.

How to take care of these 3 aspects? How to bring balance?
First is to see if there are changes needed to be done and which are those if so.
Take care of the body, remove thoughts that doesnt belong to and doesnt serve us and let the e-motions flow, let the energy be in movement.
Through this we allow ourselves to connect to our higher self, other dimensions and beings, we can start downloading information. Everything starts to be in balance.
How to accomplish that?

Body: FOOD
The body is a construction of cells, bricks of nature. It replicates the information of the food and this information goes to every single cell which then grows, divides, makes up the body and the DNA.
It is practically a product of what we eat & drink.
Photosynthesis = fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds = Light, ascension, High vibration
Dead food = meat, processed = Dark, Low vibration
Food from under the ground (roots) are helpful in grounding processes, “grounding to the Planet”
Basically the more life a food has the higher its vibration and more light it carries and the lower is darker and more dead.
For ascension and raising vibration feed the body with most alive and clean food possible. But dont fight against the body with food, if you want to make a transition, accept where you currently stand and make a slow transition.

Emotions: BREATH
The balance of e-motions are controlled by the heart and the lungs.
Did you know that the nose is made for breathing and the mouth (which is for eating) is only possible to use for breathing because of emergency-survival design?
Proper breathing is through the nose and by filling up the whole lung in order to bring sufficient oxigen to the body.
A good practice can be to sit a few minute every day and bring consciouness through breathing to the whole body, to every part of it, every organ, scan your current emotions, and examine your thoughts.
Connect (or start gaining the practice of it) to that calm and peaceful place within. 5-5-5: breathe in for 5 seconds (blow up the balloon), hold it for 5 more and breathe out, also 5 seconds.
Breathework sessions are another way of healing emotional wounds, obvious the reason after understanding the connection between emotions and breath.
Soma breath meditation is another technique might be useful in balancing emotions,.
The chosen tool is up for each individual.

The mind can restore believes & thinkings just by realising that they are a projection of a vibration.
Change of vibration then means the change of perspective of these believes and thoughts.

The quickest way to do it is through laughter.
Laughter immediately changes ones vibration. If we are able to learn to laugh especially of ourselves, the “fool” aspect of us, even if the laughter is provoked, the vibration changes and the problem stops being a problem and begind to be a challenge. It helps us to see that nothing really was so important and strict.

Changing the way:
-we feed ourselves
-we breath and
-laughing more are three things we can do as basics (and then there are thousands of other practices) in order to rise the vibration, bring balance and alignment into the self in the continuous process of awakening.

source: Matias de Stefano