Healing perfume sprays

The “HEALING PERFUME SPRAY” series is created in order to help the healing processes we are all going through in our earthly lives, to rise the frequency and become the bringer of peace, harmony, joy, happiness, love and light.

All plants carry a certain vibration within.
So do thoughts and emotions.
That is how it becomes possible to receive the healing gifts of plants and their essential oils in aromatherapeutic practice.

In this collection of perfume sprays blends of essential oils were used to create the wonderful fragrances.
All of the blends has a leading note, and the energy the leader essential oil holds gives the name of the perfume.

Each bottle is prepared with maximum care and is fortified with love intention.

When spraying it on your skin, clothes or pillow remember: you are your best healer.
Place your best intention and see the magic unfolding in your life.

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