Skin Care

Commercial skin care products at some point in the 20th century just got our of control in regards of the amount and type of chemicals, artificial and harmful ingredients.
Obviously, the information about these additives are not wide spread otherwise people would turn (back) to natural products and then cosmetics companies would stay without making good business.

One of our main mission is to spread the word about the simplicity of natural self-care and provide the best material to all people.
We use only natural ingredients – ingredients that do good to you now and on the long run also.

We believe if a skin care product contains ingredients that are also good to eat then we are getting something right.
Yes, cacao butter, avocado oil and hemp powder are doing good things with your skin and guts at the same time!

The use of essential oils serve two functions in all our products, included our “SKIN CARE” products: bringing the benefits of aromatherapy and leaving us with a lovely fragrance.
But if you prefer to use unscented products give us a shout… we also prepare PERSONALIZED PRODUCTS and without any added fees.

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