Women care

Women are powerful creatures, directly connected to Creation itself.
They own the power which is not based on control or competition (that´s not real power anyways), but on the Universal Life Force.
What more it takes than the pure magic of life to be able to carry a new life inside for months, birth it and feed it? To have a body that regularly cleans itself?
This power is true, humble, strong and eternal.
The “women care” products aim to provide the best material to each one of the women to nurture their feminine in physical and deeper levels.

We care for ALL WOMEN. For those who are in their years of fertility, for those who are born without a womb or their reproductive organs don´t function in the ways they are originally supposed to, for those who are in their “wise blood” – in the years of menopause.

Some of the products are for personal hygiene and daily self-care, and some are for self-healing – the aromatherapy products (products with essential oils) work both on the physical and emotional bodies, the enchanting fragrances we created will surely light up the dark places and bring ease where it is required.

Look around and find a tool that is the best for you to nurture your feminine.

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