“Lime – Bergamot” DEODORANT CREAM




Sweating is an amazing way of detoxifying the body and the body’s natural smell gives plenty of information about ones state of health, emotion and much more.
Nature is intelligent and in general it is good to let it all be as it is.


There are those cases – especially in social circles – when we really need to do something about excessive sweating or to cover the smell of the warrior who lives within.
This deodorant serves these purposes with only natural ingredients and with a lovely fragrance, for both ladies and gentlemen.

Depending on the temperature the consistency of the deodorant can change between solid and creamy.
Take a bit from the jar with your fingers, let it melt a bit there and gently rub it on your armpits.


Ingredients: coconut oil, soy wax(non-gmo), vitamin E, zinc oxid, corn starch, sodium bicarbonate, essential oils of: lime, bergamot, cypress & ♡.

Net volume: 33g.

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Weight 120 g