Pure Calendula BABY OIL




The possibly most gentle oil which you can use for daily massage from day 1.

We chose sesame seed oil as a base oil for infusing organic calendula petals.
Sesame seed in the ayurvedic view is the best oil for massaging a baby and small children because its calming effects on vata.
Vata carries the element of air and ether which indeed can be out of balance (in excess) after a baby comes to sunlight – understandably, from swinmming in the cozy warm liquids of the womb suddenly arriving to the harsh air is an extreme change to he sensitive system of a baby.

Use it after bathing to give a gentle massage on the whole body.
You can also apply it on the butt if its a bit irritated and in areas which get dry easily.

Plus: it is suitable for adults too, of course!
Put some in a small bowl and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil(s) and use it for a lovely massage.

Ingredients: Organic sesame oil, organic calendula flowers.

Net volume: 100ml.

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Weight 200 g