“Sacred Feminine” Breast Massage Oil


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Awaken and nurture the Goddess within by massaging a few drops with gentle, caring, loving moves on your beautiful belly.

This lovely, sweet-flowery blend is a mixture of medical base oils that care for the health of your breasts and essential oils that reaches to the deepest of your heart.

Ylang – ylang is the essential oil of ‘Self-love‘, palmrose is of Forgiveness‘ and may chang is the scent of Mother Goddess with the pure purpose of ‘Nurture‘.
Vetiver with its smoky fragrance gives a stable ground for this
 divine blend, brings calm and relaxation and holds the purpose of ‘Balance, Align and Clear.’


Plantain leaf oil:
Macerated in olive oil, plantain oil
prevents breast cancer. More than that, if used many times a day it does reverse cancer cells in the breast.
Evening primrose oil has been long used to combat premenstrual syndrome, breast pain, endometriosis and the symptoms of menopause (such as heat waves).
Raspberry Seed Oil  improves the elasticity of the skin and smoothens wrinkles.

Ingredients: plantain leaf oil (macerated in olive oil), raspberry seed oil, evening primrose oil, essential oils of ylang-ylang, palmrose, may chang, vetiver, love and light.

Net weight: 50 ml.

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Weight 170 g