“Sugar Baby” BODY SCRUB

rosemary & peppermint


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Sugar is not so healthy to eat as we all know it already.

But what about looking at it from a different perspective?
Sugar contains naturally occurring glycolic acid which makes exfoliating dead skin easy by dissolving it and it becomes possible to just wash it off.
Voilá, sugar is our true friend now!

This scrub is made with peppermint and rosemary essential oils which makes it an amazing “wake up” scrub.
Apply it on your hands, arms, legs, move towards your heart, and -last but not least-  the feet – be cautious at this point, the oil content of the product may cause some slippery moments.

Ingredients: unrefined brown sugar, pure sea salt, calendula officinalis infused almond oil, natural castille soap, essential oils of peppermint and rosmary & ♡.

Net volume: 100g.

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Weight 261 g