Dear Family,

We are back to shipping online orders on the 20th May 2022. Till then, we share joy and products in the Transition festival (13-17 May 2022, Spain). ♡ Enjoy life♡

Ihana Herbal Remedies came to life on the festivals.

Our products, from the very beginning were made for the warriors living in intense conditions for (at least) that week of the festival – living in nomad ways, being exposed to the summer sun for long hours, partying hard, dancing the whole day, basically enjoying to the fullest while putting the limits of the bodies under extreme testing.

We started with the essentials – deodorant, anti-mosquito sunscreen, muscle-relaxing massage candle and the life- and throat savior herbal extract, to name a few.

The project grew since the first year and now we are able to share with you a wide range of goodies.

All of our products are made with passion for natural self-care and the mission is not less then spreading the word about the simplicity and importance of caring for ourselves in the best ways we can, with the support of nature… and we aim to provide the best material for you.

Natural body care products, herbal tinctures, aromatherapy balms, therapeutic massage candles & oils, healing perfume sprays, products for babies and mamas… what we have on offer is continuously expanding.

We cannot emphasize enough that whatever product is made with the use of essential oils is 333% sure that smells like heaven – we don’t stop until we get it right, let it be components, fragrance, texture, appearance.

Check out our virtual store and have your bathroom and pharmacy shelf filled with the highest quality natural products.

Bless & Bliss,

The people behind Ihana Herbal Remedies 🙂