Dear Friends,

We are back to online shipping – thank you for being patient with placing orders.

What a blast this summer was! Thanks to all of you!!

We went to visit several festivals throughout Europe with the best products of Ihana Herbal Remedies, and upon returning home our hearts are full of joy and gratitude for all of you with whom our pathes crossed each other, let it be through the products in our mobile store or through music on the dancefloor. Each moment is a treasure that will be well remembered. ♡

Hundreds of products found new owners which means hundreds of you have a jarful of sunshine with you now, we wish them to keep your life shining throughout the winter days.

Until the next season you can fill up your stock from our webshop, and, as always, drop us a message for special requests.

With love,

The Ihana Herbal Remedies Family.