Payments are due after checkout via bank transfer. Thank you for your support!
Once you sent your order you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the bank details necessary for the transfer.
After the amount arrive to us we will prepare your package and ship it to you.
If you would like your order to be processed faster send us a document with the transfer details.

Once you placed an order you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation of the chosen products & their availability, the total amount of the order and the bank details where you can realize the bank transfer. Please note that we use euro currency. After the amount arrives on our account we will post the package and inform you about it by e-mail.


Products are shipped within 2-4 business days from the time of purchase.
We ship worldwide, rates are based on weight – check out the table below.


  0 < 430g 431 < 930g 931 < 1930g
Portugal 3€ 3€ 5€
Europe 5.5€ 8.5€ 11€
World 6.5€ 12€ 16€


All packages are registered and sent via CTT Portugal.
Delivery time within Portugal is 1-3 days, outside of Portugal is normally 7-14 days.
Once your package hits the road we send you an e-mail with the tracking number.
You can follow the route of your package here: )

Orders are shipped to the address provided.
If your package comes back to us due to

    • the address provided was incorrect or

    • the package had landed at your local post office and it was not picked up within the given time frame (typically post offices provide 5-10 days for pick-up before returning the package to the sender),
      we can only reship the package for the full shipping price.
      You can avoid your package being returned to us by making sure to provide the correct address and by following the route of your package.

Once your package is shipped the delivery process is out of our hands but if you have concerns about lost or late packages please e-mail us – it is important for us that your package gets to you in all its glory.