DIY winter gift – with recipe of Herbal Healing Balm

Winter is coming so does the Winter Solstice and Christmas. Hurray!

It is that time of the year when we get into preparations both for the cold weather and for the holiday celebration which often includes gift making.
We believe best gifts are hand made and unique. Why not preparing your own cream this year?

We would like to support creating the nicest “survive & thrive” winter stock and gifts for you and your loved ones.
For this we share with you the recipe of one of our most popular balms (hand in hand with the CBD muscles & joints cream) – the HERBAL HEALING BALM.


Big part of our mission is creating an open source of information related to herbal remedies and natural self-care. It includes books, movies / documentaries and definitely our best recipes as well.

Our main goal is for us all to live a healthy and simple life and we deeply believe that knowledge, wisdom and abilities are there to share.

Our deepest wish for people is to feel, connect and be able to take care of themselves and the people around them.

Ihana Herbal Remedies is all about sharing, spreading and co-creating.

We will keep sharing our experience and knowledge so you can start producing your own products.

Another important part is spreading the light in the form of our products for those who prefer to put their creative energies into something different than remedy making.

Getting those products from us supports us and makes it possible to keep our focus on this work we are doing.

We are grateful for you for supporting us and spreading the light together in one way or another!

That said, let´s begin.


As we are transiting into winter the air is becoming cold and dry and so does our skin.

It is good to have a balm at hand that protects the skin from drying out & cracking, nourishes and smells lovely, and the Herbal Healing Balm does exactly that.

Actually a lot more than that. It also helps healing minor wounds, cuts, burns, bug bites, relieves itching and eases symptoms of eczema and mild psoriasis – it is definitely a treasure to have at hand.

The Herbal Healing Balm is not just made of only natural ingredients but as the name suggests plants are playing a main role in this story.

Plantain (plantago major & plantago lanceolata) and chickweed leaves (stellaria media) are cool and moistening and that is why they know so well how to deal with dry and cracked skin, wounds, burns and easing itchiness.

They both are wonder “weeds” growing all around the globe and they love growing invasive in bare or disturbed soil making us easy to find them wherever we are.

There is a good deal of lavender essential oil too in our formula which we chose to add for its anti-inflammatory and soothing effects lessening irritation.

Tip 1: 
When it comes to creating your own herbal remedy, as always it is best to gather the plant material by your own hands, sending gratitude and prayers when picking and placing intentions for the remedy you are about to prepare.
If you have not these herbs around you no worries, just find a good supplier of medicinal herbs and start the communication with the plants when unpacking them.

If you would like to create a balm that is focusing more on eczema, introduce calendula petals (calendula officinalis) in your formula, and if it is healing wound / cracked skin that is in your interest then both calendula and comfrey (symphytum officinale, both roots and leaves are good) are your allies in the story!

Psoriasis is a skin condition which requires moistening therefore in anything more serious then very mild psoriasis we suggest that you make/purchase a natural, calendula (and possibly CBD) based moistener instead of a balm, meaning it has water emulsified in the formula.


Go ahead dear friends, get creative and prepare a badass cream and/or look around in the shop.

If you would like to get started but some of the ingredients are not at hand, no worries: drop us a mail, tell us what you are missing and we will send it to you, let it be infused oil, essential oils, jars etc. 

Also we would love to know how it went with the cream-making: send us a mail, forward a picture or two, give us a shout, lets get the conversation begin! 

About Copaiba and CBD

Let me introduce you to COPAIBA essential oil and how it works together with CBD (C.annaB.iD.iol).

While creating the newest product, a divine SHANTI CBD MASSAGE CREAM, I was looking for the best combination of essential oils that will bring the highest level of relaxation and soothing possible and stimulate your physical body in a way that supports your overall health and you will shine like in your brightest dreams!

Lavender and vetiver were obvious to come in the team for the calming and grounding effects they have, and soon copaiba came in the picture too, revealing something amazing about itself.

Are you ready for a bit of science?
Ok, lets go. I promise to keep it as simple as it just can be.?

So Copaiba essential oil is derived from the resin of the Brasilian tree Copaifera Officinalis. And it contains around 55% of β-caryophyllene, a component which binds with some of the cannabinoid receptors in our endocannabinoid system. (Cannabinoid 1 and Cannabinoid 2 they are called – if you want to learn more about it you find plenty of info in more scientific sites) 🙂

What does this binding mean?
It means activation and support of a healthy nervous and immune system function, regulating mood swings, increase of memory and even bringing ease in painful body places.
What’s magic about the cooperation of copaiba and cbd is that they both contain this β-caryophyllene, (cbd cc35%, copaiba cc55%) and they also share having copaene, bergamotene, and humulene, so together they become even stronger in the service they make for us.

Hurray, super magic power in a jar!

Ok-ok, a jarful of this cream is not going to make all the self-work for us…but it brings support in our processes, eases pain once its manifested somewhere and brings chilling so its easier to have a biiiig breath in and tune into the present moment and the joy it carries within.

Enjoooy ???

St John’s Wort tincture and oil recipe

24th of June is St John’s day which makes it an excellent reason to go out and pick St John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) flowers.
This lovely wild medicinal plant is famous for its antidepressant and painkilling properties.
Make some tinctures or macerated oil and save it for the dark winter days.

For tincture:
25 grams of fresh flowers
200ml spirit (vodka, snaps, aguardente…)
100ml water
Place the petals (and your best intentions) in a jar and gently pour the water and alcohol on top.
Close it and let it for 2 weeks – gently shake it every few days.
Strain it after 2 weeks, bottle and label and use when needed (depression, shingles cold sore, herpes, pain)

For macerated oil:
Half cup fresh flowers
1 cup (250ml) olive oil
Place the flowers in the jar, mash it a bit to open up the surface of the petals then pour the oil on it.
Place it on a sunny place for 4 weeks – in a few days it will turn red.
Strain it afterwards an use it as it is or prepare cream with it.

In general, you can use these recipes with the same guidelines and ratios with other herbs also.

About sunscreens

Sunlight is healing, pure life force and free energy!

And you know what? It is also good for the skin.

However having a sensitive skin and getting burnt full power is not fun that’s true – in this case some moderation on the time spent on the sun or physical protection might come useful indeed.

But before you run to the shop to get one of the “sweet tropics” smelling sunscreens consider one thing:
The most common sunscreens on the market contain chemical UV filters.
These filters often include a combination of two to six of those kind of ingredients (oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate) which are messing with hormones and cause skin-related allergies and cancer.

What is a good solution then?
Natural ingredients of course…

Zinc oxide is a mineral filter and it is brilliant for creating a physical layer on the surface on the skin without getting absorbed and getting into the bloodstream.
It creates a barrier between your delicate skin and rays of sun. Depending on the ratio in the cream it can give SPF up to 50 or more.

Then there are the plant based butters and oils with SPF 5-8: Cocoa butter, coconut oil, almond oil, raspberry seed oil etc.

Go with what feels best for your skin – it might be not using sunscreen at all as well as feeling the necessity of giving it some protection either with wearing something light to cover your skin or applying a product that protects it.

“Sacred Feminine” Breast & Belly massage oil

I would love if every women massaged their breasts every day!!!

Massaging my breasts and belly daily supports me tremendously in connecting to my higher self and inner wisdom and gives me a stable & conscious knowing of the presence of this wisdom.
Every day.
And it is transforming my life – my relationship with myself to a more mature, loving, intimate and joyful one. Naturally, it is reflected in my relations with others and in many other aspects of life.

The “Sacred Feminine” Breast & Belly massage oil” came to life to be with women in self-acceptance, nurture and growth. To inhabit your body and find joy within. To inhabit and enjoy your life in ways you dreamed of.

Giving a caring touch daily to your breasts – which is a gate of love – carries great healing and empowering power within.
Self-acceptance is crucial in connecting to self as whole.
Self-acceptance and forgiveness are foundation stones of self-love, and self-love is a space of creativity. Creativity is an aspect of the feminine, isn’t it beautiful to reach it through your breasts?

This massage oil has a blend of essential oils with the purpose of ‘Self-love’ (ylang-ylang), ‘Forgiveness’ (palmrose), ‘Nurture’ (may chang) and ‘Balance, Align and Clear’ (vetiver).

Vibration & aligning the 3 aspects of self

There are three aspects of the self and they have to be aligned in order to be a proper being in balance, to be a channel of our higher self.

MATERIAL aspect – Body
ENERGETICAL aspect – Emotions
MENTAL aspect – Thoughts

Vibration creates and holds everything and it can be either low or high. (vibration= “waves of Mind”)
The different aspects of vibration creates energy, and this energy is what we call emotion, because it is in movement. You see the connection between vibration and eMOTION?
This energy goes through positive and negative, creating balance, movement and expansion of the Universe. Through all this expansion, contraction, positive & negative the atomic reality starts to be created (electrons, neutrons, protons).
What does it mean?
It means that through vibration -and energy- Universe starts to create Matter.
The material (matter), energetical (soul) and mental aspect (spirit) exists in everything.
For humans it is body, emotions and thoughts.
The Universe to be aligned and be able to connect and create needs to be in flow with vibration, energy and matter.
Everything needs to be in coherence.
If matter is not coherent, it cannot feel the energy around.
If energy is not coherent it cannot feel the flow of the vibration.
Being ruled by our thoughts, bonded to survival, sex, fear divides these 3 aspects of self therefore there is no flow meaning we cut ourselves from the Source.
Covering of emotions does the same.

How to take care of these 3 aspects? How to bring balance?
First is to see if there are changes needed to be done and which are those if so.
Take care of the body, remove thoughts that doesnt belong to and doesnt serve us and let the e-motions flow, let the energy be in movement.
Through this we allow ourselves to connect to our higher self, other dimensions and beings, we can start downloading information. Everything starts to be in balance.
How to accomplish that?

Body: FOOD
The body is a construction of cells, bricks of nature. It replicates the information of the food and this information goes to every single cell which then grows, divides, makes up the body and the DNA.
It is practically a product of what we eat & drink.
Photosynthesis = fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds = Light, ascension, High vibration
Dead food = meat, processed = Dark, Low vibration
Food from under the ground (roots) are helpful in grounding processes, “grounding to the Planet”
Basically the more life a food has the higher its vibration and more light it carries and the lower is darker and more dead.
For ascension and raising vibration feed the body with most alive and clean food possible. But dont fight against the body with food, if you want to make a transition, accept where you currently stand and make a slow transition.

Emotions: BREATH
The balance of e-motions are controlled by the heart and the lungs.
Did you know that the nose is made for breathing and the mouth (which is for eating) is only possible to use for breathing because of emergency-survival design?
Proper breathing is through the nose and by filling up the whole lung in order to bring sufficient oxigen to the body.
A good practice can be to sit a few minute every day and bring consciouness through breathing to the whole body, to every part of it, every organ, scan your current emotions, and examine your thoughts.
Connect (or start gaining the practice of it) to that calm and peaceful place within. 5-5-5: breathe in for 5 seconds (blow up the balloon), hold it for 5 more and breathe out, also 5 seconds.
Breathework sessions are another way of healing emotional wounds, obvious the reason after understanding the connection between emotions and breath.
Soma breath meditation is another technique might be useful in balancing emotions,.
The chosen tool is up for each individual.

The mind can restore believes & thinkings just by realising that they are a projection of a vibration.
Change of vibration then means the change of perspective of these believes and thoughts.

The quickest way to do it is through laughter.
Laughter immediately changes ones vibration. If we are able to learn to laugh especially of ourselves, the “fool” aspect of us, even if the laughter is provoked, the vibration changes and the problem stops being a problem and begind to be a challenge. It helps us to see that nothing really was so important and strict.

Changing the way:
-we feed ourselves
-we breath and
-laughing more are three things we can do as basics (and then there are thousands of other practices) in order to rise the vibration, bring balance and alignment into the self in the continuous process of awakening.

source: Matias de Stefano

The Beautiful Green

You are your best healer.
And nature has your back in your journey.

Its time to re-member and connect with our Mother.

We became so alienated with nature and the innate wisdom is taken away from majority of the people who live in ‘modern’ ways. What is left is dependence on the system, industry, technology and the lack, greed and fear that keeps humans as blindfolded slaves.

But there is another way!
And there is a way back to the knowledge we once had – about nature, plants and medicine, what love, respect and peace truly means, etc…
When we listen to our Mother by connecting with nature with humble hearts and open minds we will learn it again.
Its not easy actually requires a whole bunch of de-and reprogrammings but its worth it because it is literally lifesaving.
Check this movie out, its one of my favorites. It gives a better picture of a content, healthy and easy life I believe we all meant to live:

La Belle Verte

Our work at Ihana Herbal Remedies is a dedication for this change to take place.
Through the products we bring to you, with this blog and with all the content and material we shared and are going to share with you.

Raise the vibration, be part of the High VibeNation!