Summer Skin Care: Life After Conventional Sunscreens

Last week we went to a festival with my friend Lucy and at some point she gave me her sunscreen bottle asking me to have a look at the ingredient list as it looked a bit confusing she said.

Sweet lord, it was a long list and it did not look any good!

Avobenzone, octinoxate, octisalate, octocrylene, oxybenzone, padimate O, sulisobenzone – just to mention a few common but harmful sunscreen ingredients…
Majority of conventional sunscreens contain a miriad of toxic ingredients we shouldn´t have on our skin, and Lucy´s sunscreen was not any different.

She looked a bit puzzled as what is next.
1. Should she just keep using her sunscreen? (she knew too much for that, there was no way back for her…:) )
2. Better never go on the sun again?
3. Even better, surrender to the universal order of things and just let the sun bake and burn her? (this was an idea she liked for a long moment but then she realised she has family and dogs at home to take care of)
4. So eventually, there must be a solution that lets her enjoy sunbathing without paying the price with her health thought she – and she was right.
Enter oils with natural SPF protection and moderation combined. Healthy summer skincare and protection – solved!

When I say moderation I mean MAYBE 30 minutes in direct sun is enough instead of 3 hours at one go.
I would have never said this (leave it alone with writing down) just 10 years ago, but hey, we all change! 😀

There are several oils with at least some SPF, from olive oil to pomegranate seed oil.
Let´s have a look.

Zinc-oxide is not an oil, it is a mineral and it is our absolute sunmmer skincare superhero.
Itcan be found in many diaper creams, due to its capacity to treat skin irritation becuase it acts as a barrier against the irritant so the skin has time to heal.
The same barrier action protects the skin from the UV rays penetrating the skin.
It really is a physical protection shield. You can easily recognize it from its VERY white color.

Raspberry Seed oil – SPF 28-50
One of the rare oils that protects from both UVA and UVB radiation, with an SPF against UVB rays of 28-50, and an SPF against UVA rays of around 8.
Raspberry seed oil contains powerful anti-oxidants and vitamin E to help fight free radicals, renew skin cells and improve tone/elasticity.

Wheatgerm oil – SPF 20
Wheatgerm oil is a fantastic tissue moisturizer plus it prevents free radical damage.
It is packed with Vitamin E (antioxidant), K (promotes wound healing, brightens under-eye area), and B(The eight B vitamins are necessary for nearly every process within the body).

Avocado Oil – SPF 15
Avocado oil has a high proportion of mono-saturated fats, providing a protective layer over the skin. Soothes and nourishes dry, damaged skin.
It promotes the production of collagen and protects the skin against fine lines and wrinkles.

Pomegranate Seed Oil – SPF enhancer
Did you know if you add pomegranate seed oil into a sunscreen it boosts the UV protection by 20 percent?
Thats impressive! Just choose toxin-free sunscreen for the mission.
Pomegranate seed oil regenerate skin layers, and improve skin tone, with anti-inflammatory properties.
It’s high in anti-oxidants and vitamin C which both contribute to younger looking skin, as well as being anti-microbial and anti-carcinogenic.

Other SPF oils
Coconut oil, jojoba oil, cacao butter, olive oil, almond oil and others… they have and SPF around 10 which means they are great to some extent but will not provide the best protection from the sun – they are great as a narutal sunscreen ingredient though!

What is the best you can do to your skin in summertime?
Keep it moisturized, use natural during & after-sun oils, enjoy the sun with regular breaks to freshen up, and choose a nice scarf & a good natural non-toxic sunscreen for this season.