The Beautiful Green

You are your best healer.
And nature has your back in your journey.

Its time to re-member and connect with our Mother.

We became so alienated with nature and the innate wisdom is taken away from majority of the people who live in ‘modern’ ways. What is left is dependence on the system, industry, technology and the lack, greed and fear that keeps humans as blindfolded slaves.

But there is another way!
And there is a way back to the knowledge we once had – about nature, plants and medicine, what love, respect and peace truly means, etc…
When we listen to our Mother by connecting with nature with humble hearts and open minds we will learn it again.
Its not easy actually requires a whole bunch of de-and reprogrammings but its worth it because it is literally lifesaving.
Check this movie out, its one of my favorites. It gives a better picture of a content, healthy and easy life I believe we all meant to live:

La Belle Verte

Our work at Ihana Herbal Remedies is a dedication for this change to take place.
Through the products we bring to you, with this blog and with all the content and material we shared and are going to share with you.

Raise the vibration, be part of the High VibeNation!